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(adopted Sept. 2011 Annual Meeting)

As a tax-free organization, The Blue Buffalo Artists has no formal requirement to have Articles of Incorporation or By-Laws. However, for the benefit of our members, we do have a need to quantify how we operate and what are our expectations. To that purpose we shall document our policies and practices.

NAME  Our name is Blue Buffalo Artists, aka BBA. Our official mailing address is 1508 Alger Ave, Cody, WY, 82414. We have a bank account at Wells Fargo Bank in Cody WY. We have 3 members that can sign checks, only one signature is required. We are recognized in the State of Wyoming as a UNP (aka UNA), Unincorporated Non-Profit Association in good standing. We are recognized by the Federal Government as a 501(c) (6), a business league, an association of persons having a common business interest. We have an EIN, Employer Identification Number.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS BBA shall have a Board of Directors with 4 Offices, President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Officers are elected each year at the annual meeting for a term of one year. The offices of Treasurer and Secretary may be combined into one position and fulfilled by one person.

COMMITTEES BBA shall have Show Committees and a Membership Committee. An Audit Committee of two members may be formed by a motion of the members at an annual meeting.

ANNUAL MEETING The Annual Meeting is held each year in September in Cody, WY, during the Cody Art Show, a show of primarily BBA members. The Cody Art Show happens to be an opportunity to meet in person with a large number of BBA members. The annual meeting may be held at another time and place at the convenience of the members and the Board. Members may vote by proxy any time prior to the meeting, in writing, by email, or by any other electronic means that can be printed and signed. We accept an electronic typed signature sent from a member�s recognized email address. In fact, the entire annual meeting can occur electronically, if necessary.

QUORUM A quorum is defined as those present at a meeting, which includes those participating electronically.

A Membership Committee of 3 members will serve to strategize, unify and implement efforts to recruit new members. 
RECRUITING - It will be the goal of all active BBA members to recruit talented new members who produce high quality artwork. Acceptance - Acceptance of new artist into the BBA will be by the jury process of the Membership Committee. They shall apply a uniform objective judgment as to the intentions of the BBA and shall apply their own subjective judgment as to the quality and maturity of the artwork. Criteria for acceptance to the BBA is as follows:

a) Be a fine artist the visual field, a sculptor, painter or drawer.
b) Produce original work.
c) Demonstrate quality and advanced ability to handle their subject and medium.
d) There is no requirement for subject and medium.
e) Submit 3 jpg images at a minimum of 500 x 500 pixels at 200 dpi of your finished original work .
f) Quality is the guiding word. Quality members will lead to a quality group. A quality group will lead to opportunities.

Jury members of the Membership Committee will necessarily have timely access to a computer and e-mail, and a specific e-mail address.

2. FREQUENCY OF JURY. New members shall be juried for acceptance annually in January and additionally at the convenience of the Acceptance Committee as may be required from time to time.

3. DUES. Active membership will require the timely payment of the annual dues fee. Non-payment of dues in excess of 11 months will be considered as request for termination of membership.

4. ART SHOWS. It is the intention of the BBA that art shows are a primary purpose of the organization. Each show shall have its own committee to organize and implement a specific show. Bona Fide dues paid members are automatically considered as candidates for the show, providing space allows. Non-payment of dues may be grounds to deny access to a show or event. Directors of each BBA art show shall have the option to accept non-BBA artists into that specific show on a one-show basis. After that specific art show, the non-member artist will be required to apply and be accepted into the BBA to participate in further BBA shows. Expenses for each show will be the responsibility of the participants in the show, except as allowed by the Board of Directors.