Blue Buffalo Artists
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Membership criteria and Blue Buffalo Artist group's purpose
" Mission Statement: Blue Buffalo Artists are founding a group of fine artists to provide a format to show and sell original artwork, promote learning and camaraderie among artists with networking opportunities."

 $50 Annual Dues for administrative costs (i.e. website and hosting for networking opportunities and other administrative costs) to become due the first of December. Members in good standing will be allowed to participate in shows, clinics, critiques, social events, plein aire outings and have access to the network calendar (being developed.)

Membership opportunities -
o Art shows
o Clinics in a variety of media (clay, plein aire, oils, water color, pastel)
o Critiques from fellow artists
o Social gathering and networking calendar
o Anyone can request to be juried into the group.

Membership requirements -
o Juried into the Blue Buffalo Artists through the Membership
   Committee. (see details below)*
o Dues paid. (New members will be contacted by the end of Jan if they
   have successfully juried into the group and will be considered 
   members upon receipt of dues.)
o Exhibiting artists may be asked to help with shows in their area.
o Membership will not be limited by a particular venue and therefore
   members are not required to exhibit or be restricted to a particular
   style of art.
o New members may apply at any time before the end of the
   (Dec 31,) but will be juried once a year in January.

*If you are interested in being juried in as a BLUE BUFFALO ARTIST, please submit the application attached along with 3 images either attached in an e-mail that are approximately 500 x 500 pixels at 200dpi or mail a CD with the application and a money order for $15 non-refundable processing fee.

Email to send the application to  

Application Form for the Blue Buffalo Artists

a. Name 

b. Mailing Address

c. Phone contacts


d. E-mail

e. Website

f. Your preferred medium

g. What do you expect from the group?


h. What can you contribute to the group? (Would you like to hold workshops, take lessons, give lessons, just hang around other artists and let the juices flow?)


i. Please attach 3.jpg images 500 x 500 pixels in size at 200 dpi, title to be in filename (i.e.RosesWC24x16.jpg, TitleMEDIUMwidthxhieght.jpg)

A several paragraph bio, email, weblink and artist statement will be requested upon your acceptance for the website.

Best of luck to you!

Send to address above or  Email

the application to  

Blue Buffalo Artists
PO Box 814
Cody Wyoming 82414              Cody Art Show 928-716-6006